Crazy plant stories
A map that changed my view
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A map that changed my view

What is the purpose of a wall in an apartment jungle? Has anybody ever asked this? Should we even care? Let’s think about that for a moment…for a longer moment. I moved eighteen (yes, ten plus eight) times in my life already. I can tell you – the wall that you stare at for approximately 8 hours per day shouldn’t be just an empty, blank space, a void inside your world. Over the years, bouncing from one rental to another, I’ve learned to treat walls as my canvas. The picture that you paint on it, becomes…you, in fact.

No one will argue that what is in front of you, usually affects you mood and energy level. That is why in our work space we often try to save ourselves from going crazy with an upbuilding meme, a photo of our loved ones or a plant.

At home, we tend to be inattentive and scattered, chasing from one task to the next, and a proper wall can make us stop. It can bring us back to the state of mindfulness.

A little fairy tale

Luxembourg vibes

This story begins two years ago in a tiny tiny country in an apartment with a vast, vast wall.

Luxembourg has this fairy tale vibe, and living here was, from the beginning, a beautiful journey. We moved here in 2019 during a luminous, mild spring. Everything was coming to life. The forest behind the hotel where we lived at the beginning just burst with colours and scents one day. 

Driving from Warsaw in a small Toyota with all our necessary belongings and…50 plants (don’t ask me) was, an unforgettable adventure, especially for my husband, who is… shall we say…indifferent to plants.

A statement wall

My choice

Our first apartment was very tall, and very…empty. We had almost no furniture, and the walls were so white, that I felt like I was living in a hospital. This was the moment when I sunk into Pinterest in search for a perfect wall. One that would scream: COZY…. I needed a statement wall. So I searched for something that would be an extension of my growing apartment jungle. Because in reality it takes more than just plants to create a jungle mood in our four walls.

The large wooden map was my first choice, but the prices were quite high and I did procrastinate. After two years, when my son was born, we’ve decided to move to a bigger place. The map project resurfaced once again, especially after we were done with the more burning tasks to make the house habitable. The house might still be a work in progress, but at some point I knew – the time had come for the map on the wall!

From the very first Pinterest recon my mind was set on the original wooden map by Enjoy the Wood. Not only did it have the coolest vibe, there were many other reasons why I’d decided to go with this one. 

First of all, I try to make conscious purchase every time I’m spending my money. I try to go either with a small business, preferably handmade products or do my research on a bigger company’s ethical practices (not the fake ones on paper). 

Enjoy the wood

A unique story

Enjoy the wood has actually a very unique and breathtaking story. The founder, Igor Fostenko has come a long way, from a homeless teenager to a successful business-owner, building the company form scratch. Think of the determination this man had to have, to overcome a series of obstacles in starting and growing a business. I mean…I’m still overwhelmed by the thought of going to a printing point to make my watercolours available for purchase. I seem to have nowhere near the needed willpower. 

The second reason was the map itself. It goes almost with every interior style, but I think it is just made for rustic, deco chic and boho interiors especially. 

When the company agreed to cooperate with me, I was overwhelmed with joy…and then just a week later I received the most beautiful gift.

Our map

Assembly and the final effect

I’ve chosen a multicolour XL sized – it occupies an area of 1,2×2 meters.

The map was sensibly packed and left limited waste. It also has a lifetime warranty.

We’ve managed to assemble all of it in just one evening together with my husband and it was a really bonding experience. Not to mention that I had the opportunity to refresh my (poor) memory about the whereabouts of all the different islands!

When we finished, we just sat there for hours and enjoyed the view. The map is simply mesmerising. 

Let me show you the assembly process and the final effect.

Not only a wall decor

My thoughts

I will paraphrase a paragraph from the book that I’m reading while writing this article – “Arctic dreams” by Barry Lopez. In a very weird way, this is such captivation piece of literature. I couldn’t imagine that it would ever interest me, let alone…absorb. Anyway, to the quote:

At the moment of respite, at the end of the day, in the silence of a summer evening, the world drops its categories its focus on the future, and remains in abeyance, sunk only to the rhythm of its own desire.

I couldn’t evoke better the state that I’m in every day, resting with my family or alone in front of the map.

Get your MAP!


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