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Advantages of buying fully grown plants
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Advantages of buying fully grown plants

Size matters?

What should we consider when buying plants in the cold season? Last year was all about baby plants. Everyone went through this I think. I personally have bought many beautiful baby plants, but then during the winter time many of them perished, because I didn’t have enough equipment to keep them going in those cold months. And baby plants need their supply of light, water and warmth more than any others. It is just like with children, if you have one, you know what I mean – hugs and loving words are not enough.

This is the main reason why when it starts to get cold, I switch my preferences a bit and look for some larger plants. The other reason is that, in building your own apartment jungle, you first need some statement pieces in it. Three large-sized plants are the minimum to make your interior look good.

First, I let me tell you what I was afraid of and then what actually happened.

Here are my thoughts and observations after getting a large plant from Grow Jungle during the cold season.

Large plant in a mailbox?

potential CONS

First of all, not all plants ship well and if you ordered some plants online, you probably know this by now.

For the shipping I’ve chosen the plant that, when small, can show some fussiness after being shipped.

Alocasia Regal shields is known to be a special cultivar that can withstand European weather, but still, it is an Alocasia and they have their own moods as we all know. They don’t really like to change places.

My concern was mostly about the after-shipping condition. I was expecting leaf dropping and temperature shock manifested by yellowing leaves.

Now, let’s talk reality:

Big, large, gigantic plants!


The main advantage of buying an adult form is of course the root system. A strong, developed root system is pure gold.

The plant can easily distribute nutrients and has a fully developed immune system. It is more resistant to pest and fungus attacks. Even when we are not be able to recreate the conditions from the nursery (and I can assure you that we can’t), we can be sure that we have a lot of time before the plant will be affected by the new conditions.

Remember the tale about three pigs? Well, a big plant is like the brick house ;).

The second thing is the abundance of foliage and it’s condition. If you grow Alociasias, you know how hard it is to get to six leaves from one tuber on a plant. But when you get there, you can be sure that your plant is strong. This species requires scheduled and well-thought through fertilisation and watering. It is provided in the nursery, but then it can go sideways. Typically, your apartment will have too little light and too frequent temperature changes. Well-developed specimens buy you a lot of time to figure out your plant maintenance.

But, always there is an issue of shipping. My Alocasia was secured perfectly, traveled quick, with the heat-pack inside. So, if we order from a reliable place, we can sleep peacefully.

The aesthetic “pro” is obvious, but I will say it once again. A big plant is a big statement in your space. It can light up the interior like nothing else. Just remember to place your plant where it will be happy – where it has a lot of diffused light! If you want to know more about the Alocasia care, click here.

If you have a different spot in your mind, give it a grow light, so it can thrive.

I already have a new leaf coming, and I’m very excited. Thank you Grow Jungle for helping me with this project!

Next stop – HUGE MONSTERA!

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