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Caladium supplier list – 2022
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Caladium supplier list – 2022

Planty Folks! No one has the time to do that, so here it is: a list of this year’s Caladium suppliers.

For now it is only for tubers because it is a perfect time of the year for this kind of purchase.

Caladiums are not so hyped this year and last year was a big bummer…the bulbs were weak and almost nothing grew. I know this, but…I like them anyway.

Anyway five of my tubers survived the winter, so I will wake them up this month. I’ve also bought two tubers this year (Miss Muffet and Florida Sweetheart), and I think that this is enough. Tell me what are your plants for Caladium this year? What kind of tubers did you buy or are planning to?

If you want to buy a fully grown plant, they ill probably appear at the end of April, and then I will update the list.

Online shops Europe

Farmer gracy – they have 22 varieties of tubers. They are now (March) on sale actually! About 4 Euro for one tuber. Shipping to Europe around 6 euro (probably depends on the weight).

Dutch-bulbs – 5 varieties, they ship from 21. March. Also on sale, but slightly more expensive – around 5-6 Euro per tuber.

GFB Gardening – 4 varieties, 4-8 Euro per tuber. This is the first place where I saw the Seafoam Pink (Pretty amazing).

Rotex wholesale – If you want the hundreds and thousands of Caladiums… then you can check it out here ;).

Nelumbogarden – Presale, bulbs are sold in different sizes, they have XXL bulbs for 8 Euro. The second place where I saw the Seafoam.

Matthijsplantenpaleis – Presale, 8 Euro per bulb, 20 varieties. Crazy language, but the page is very easy to navigate ;).

Caladiscope – details and orders via DM. I’ve contacted the owner and they will have the tubers next week (around 14th March 2022).

Stekjes&zo – bulb presale, 4-7 Euro per bulb, a lot of varieties.

PLNTS – 8 varieties available – baby tubers, 6 euro per tuber.

Online shops Poland

Cebule kwiatowe: Sklep allegro, w tym roku dostępnych jest 20 odmian, 10 zł za sztukę plus nasiona szczawika w gratisie. Wysyłka od 2 marca 2022.

Benex – Dość duży wybór, ale cebulki droższe. Wysyłka od 1 marca, lecz nie ma informacji o ich rozmiarze.

For now this is all that I’ve found, I will be updating the list during all of this week. If you know any reliable Facebook group or other shops that have presale of the tubers, let me know!

Are you interested in ordering fully grown plants or only tubers? Let me know in the comments and via instagram!

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