How to grow roots on a Queen Anthurium?
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How to grow roots on a Queen Anthurium?

To establish healthy roots on Queen Anthurium you need lots of peat, perlite, orchid potting mix containing bark, charcoal and gravel, as well as crushed, volcanic rock. The orchid mix is added as the plant normally has its roots attached to a tree. The peat, volcanic rock, and perlite are added to hold water without it all becoming soggy. Once the plant’s roots are fully established you can move the plant to an orchid basket. Roots should be packed with orchid moss to allow growth similar to the way the plant is found in the rain forest. In nature, this species collects falling debris, such as leaves, which hold water for the roots to gather moisture as needed. With this kind of substrate, make sure to water it daily. During the winter months, water less, but never stop entirely! Rain forest plants love water.⠀

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