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Mystical misting
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Mystical misting

This is a very controversial topic for the plant community. You can and you should laugh, but that is the truth.

So, should you do it? If not, then why not? If yes, then how?

Some people say, that misting is useless for the plants since it doesn’t really change the humidity in your appartement. Yes and no. Yes, misting with a tiny bottle of spray can’t permanently change the climate even in your room (if only!), but it doesn’t mean it has no benefits.

There are some let’s say…contraindications towards misting:

How not to mist your plants

some cons

  • macromolecular spray isn’t really what your plant wants, or what your plant needs. Huge droplets can stay on leaves for a long time. When mixed with direct sunlight – the plants may end up with sunburn, when it is too cold – it can cause ugly brown spots on the leaves.
  • velvety leaves do not like being sprayed. Water resides in their micro-cavities causing damage.
  • misting with cold tap water is like getting under a freezing, dirty shower.
  • don’t mist your caladiums, their leaves will immediately get brown spots.
  • in wintertime, when it is cold in your apartment, better let go and just clean your leaves, rather than add extra water by misting.

How to mist your plants

some advice

Are there any benefits then? Yes! If you do it properly, plants tend to even like misting. When it is hot, they can use some relief. Also, from my observation it seems like the microclimate changes a bit after all making the plants less prone to insect invasions. Only when I stopped misting for a while (6 months) did I get thrips all over the place, and it was my first time with those horrible pests. Also you can make a preventive solution and mist your plants daily. How to approach it? I have a few tips for you:

  • use lukewarm/warm water – especially when you have tropical plants that have not been on the European market for a long time
  • add some neem oil (1-2% solution with a drop of washing-up liquid) to make a preventive solution. Plants will get extra gloss on their leafs and become more resistant to bug attacks.
  • use delicate, micromolecular spray and make a fog all over your plant rather than spray directly on the leafs and stems (if the water stays inside a leaf sheath it can lead to rotting.
  • boil water to get rid of calcium. You can also use demineralised or rainwater.
  • may sound weird and illogical, but succulents love misting

I hope that this helps a bit with your decision whether or not to mist plants. Remember, if you don’t wanna do it, you can always buy plants that don’t like it, or rely on a humidifier only.

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