Plant styling
Plant styling.  Five trends for 2022.
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Plant styling. Five trends for 2022.

Hi Planty Folks! I thought that it will be fun to pick some upcoming trends in plant styling and share my thoughts about them with you. This is what I’ve been observing to emerge more often on plantstagram for a couple of months now. I have a couple of sections on my Pinterest already, and I recommend you creating one. It helps with organising your thoughts and deciding on one style in your jungle, so it doesn’t end up looking like a total mess without any plan. You can use this aricle as an inspiration for growing your own apartment jungle.

1. Goodbye moss poles

What is new in the realm of trellis

Last year was about getting the most efficient (preferably self-watering) moss pole, to get our Philodendrons to the next size level. As far as they maybe do their job now, let’s face it. These towers don’t look good in all interiors. Also, it can be a pain in the *ss to water and elongate them. This is why the new ways of support are becoming more and more popular.

Wooden support

You can search for ready to go branches in aquarium shops – they got very pricey lately. I remember, when those were sold for kilograms, not for piece, and very very cheap. But I guess that the manufacturers sniffed the opportunity.

The cheaper way to get a nice, unique branch is simply go to the woods and search for some. It is very easy to prepare it for use, but it definitely requires some DIY.

Cast iron supports

As we don’t need more plastic in our lives, I’m very excited that other trellises are getting posted more often as the fill up designer spaces. I myself am working on a plant support project now. In the meantime look at those beautiful trellises. Getting them is also a good way to support small businesses.

2. Elegant ceramics

Not a terracotta year

If you know my space, then you also know that I love terracotta pots. But this year doesn’t belong to them. As this year’s design go more into various Eastern styles and minimalism, we will see more and more subdued colours and interesting, unique shapes of planters.

Designer pots

I’m in love with odd shapes that bring out the plant beauty. Therefore I often search for the planters in not such obvious places like concept stores, and little ceramic shops. If you are on a budget (like me), but still want something special for your plant, try shops like TKMaxx. You can often find real gems in them!

Coloristic minimalism

Natural colours, natural materials and simple shapes are very chic. They make your space look neat, not cluttered, even if you have a lot of plants. I think that it gives a sort of harmony to the space and doesn’t distract from the beauty of the plants themselves.

3. Long live the moss

Jars still in demand?

Jars are still in demand, but they changed a lot. From packed with random stuff medium sized decor, they evolved to a thought trough mini-environments. They also got simpler. There is less plants inside, so they can grow for a little bit longer before they outgrow the jar.

Live moss often performs solo, and I have to tell you, I totally dig it and I will be making a little moss art myself.

Small moss art


Hanging or not, kokedamas are works of art. Almost every plant wants to live in them. If you are able to get your hands on one with live moss, your are golden. They are easy to make and can give and extra fairy tale vibe to your interior.

4. Sculptural plants

Living art

As I’ve said before, baby plants are a bit over. A real jungle needs a centrepiece and this means at least two plants of a proper size. Something that doesn’t get lost in between the furniture. I’m hunting for a Monstera Deliciosa now and maybe an Areca? They are surely not difficult to grow, and both look beautiful. My project is to have the Monstera grow all over the living room wall.

Huge plants

Plant sculpture

Plants are a very graceful moulding material. If you are gentle, you can use some of the bonsai growing methods to the houseplant care. For the purpose of giving a desired shape to a plant we simply use wire, scissors and trellises. Experiment with the shapes of you plant sculptures and free your creativity!

This can then be your centrepiece of the room. Also: ad a light centrally above the plant and boom, we are in an art gallery.

5. Themed jungle

Picking your vibe

Ok, maybe the boho jungle vibe era isn’t exactly coming to an end, but there are some new cool ideas in the air. Don’t get me wrong, I love those eclectic interiors with abundance of plants. Nonetheless I can sense a new themes emerging from the beyond ;).

Water wonderland

It seems like we include more and more little waterfalls and glass filled with water and aquatic plants in our interior design. Furthermore, I think that there will be both more aquariums and green cabinets that include waterfalls. What to grow inside such humid environments? I bet on begonias and all sorts of mini-orchids. Don’t you think that orchids are going to be a thing this year?

Greenhouse in the living room

Maybe the IKEA greenhouse cabinet is no going to be less popular, but guys…this is the next level. If you don’t have a winter graden, it is no longer an issue. Actually saw a greenhouse put into a living room, and it stole my heart. I can’t find the company that provides such service, but I will!

These are my types for this year, tell me what you think in the comments and don’t forget to visit my instagram where we can chat about plants – @leafy_jungle

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