Wake up, caladium!
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Wake up, caladium!

How are your caladiums doing? Many of you have problems with waking the bulbs, so I thought I will give you some advice.

  1. It is safer to use soil for sprouting, because it has no fertiliser and young roots will be comfortable in it. Caladium will also sprout in universal mix though.
  2. Keep them warm, but don’t boil them. I kept mine in a mini-greenhouse. Moist and warm. I open the greenhouse at midday, because it is 2 meters from the south window (meaning – a lot of sun). If you don’t have a greenhouse, you can put a jar on the top of the flower pot.
  3. Always use a pot with drainage, even if the bulbs are in plastic. Water them with lukewarm water once a week. If they have no cover – probably more often. Put your finger in the soil and check if it is dry :).
  4. Be patient! If you have more questions, please put them in the comment section.

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